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Welcome to Naked Men Clothed Women – the number one site for CFNM handjob, blowjob and cum shot videos. Naked Men Clothed Women is the only site completely dedicated to bringing you the very best videos of fully clothed women giving handjobs and blowjobs to naked men. We have tons of high definition videos featuring the hottest women stripping guys naked and making them cum. From femdom to stripper parties, from humiliation to ballbusting, our CFNM handjob and blowjob videos are the best CFNM videos you will find. So don't forget to bookmark Naked Men Clothed Women and come back soon for the best XXX rated CFNM porn on the planet!

Clothed Women Naked Men - Download Videos

I'm always on the lookout for new places to download videos of clothed women and naked men and today's video comes from one of my favourite CFNM femdom and handjob sites – Forced Men. The video features these two clothed women having some fun with a naked man strapped to a table. They abuse his 10 inch cock mercilessly by slapping it and teasing it and they then play a game of tug of war with one girl pulling his cock and the other pulling his balls!

Clothed Women Naked Men

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As these two clothed women tease and abuse the naked man's cock they repeatedly bring him to the edge of orgasm and each time they deny him the release he is desperate for. No matter how much he pleads with them they will not allow him to cum. Eventually the guy is so desperate that the women relent and finally allow him to cum. They jerk his cock quickly and he explodes like a bomb, sending thick white spunky shrapnel in all directions. But this isn't the end of this guy's ordeal. As soon as the women see cum erupting from the guy's cock they rub the sensitive tip of his cock hard and fast, torturing his post orgasmic penis until he is almost screaming for mercy.

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Two Fully Clothed Women Give Handjob To Naked Man

In this CFNM video two fully clothed women give a handjob to a naked man. The first thing you will notice about this video is that the two young women are extremely sexy. In fact, they also look remarkably similar and could almost be sisters (maybe they are). The second thing you will notice is that they are proper little teases when it comes to giving handjobs…

Fully Clothed Women Give Handjob

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These two women remain fully clothed throughout the video – emphasising the power and control exerted over the naked man. As they begin to give him a handjob they are obviously playing with him right from the start. They alternate between very light touches that do nothing but tease and hard strokes that make the guy jump and shout out loud. In the end the guy doesn’t know what they will do to him next and the women have a good laugh at the state they have got him into.

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Clothed Women - Nude Men - Femdom Handjobs

Today's video is the first in a series of femdom handjobs featuring nude men and clothed women. In the video, this hot clothed woman gets a guy to strip completely nude and to lie down on a table. She then starts working on his cock...

Clothed Women Nude Men

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We refer to these handjobs as ‘femdom handjobs' because they are all about the control exerted by the woman over the man when she has hold of his cock. The fact that the woman remains clothed, adds to the domination element, because it is the man who is naked and vulnerable. When the woman takes hold of the nude man's cock, she emphasises her control over him. With his cock in her hand, she can tease and taunt him to her heart's content. The man will only be allowed to cum when the woman says so, and sometimes not at all. It depends entirely on the wishes of the dominant clothed woman.

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CFNM Femdom Humiliation - Special Offer!!

Hi Guys, I just wanted to let you know about a superb offer that is currently running on one of my favourite sites - Pure CFNM. For this weekend only (28th/29th April 2012) you can get access to all three sites in the Pure CFNM network for the one-off price of just $9.95 for one month! The three sites are Pure CFNM, Girls Abuse Guys and Hey Little Dick. They are all top quality Femdom, CFNM and Humiliation sites with tons of high quality videos (including HD) and featuring some of the hottest girls you are likely to see on any femdom site. Here are a few examples of the videos you will find on each site...

Pure CFNM - guy gets stripped and punished by his girlfriend in front of all her friends...


Girls Abuse Guys - two hot blondes tie a guy up and abuse his ass with strapons...

Girls Abuse Guys

Hey Little Dick - two chicks making fun of a guy's small dick...

Hey Little Dick

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Note: Signing up for Pure CFNM gives access to all three sites at the special price of $9.95!!

This offer is valid on the weekend of 28th and 29th April 2012 only.

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Women Stripping Men Naked To Make Them Cum

This week I've managed to find a whole load of new videos of women stripping men naked to make them cum. The videos all feature submissive men stripped naked by hot women and you can download them all now on the link below...

Women Stripping Men Naked

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The picture above is taken from one of the videos in this weeks download. The fully clothed woman is seen stripping her man naked and tying him to a table by his ankles and wrists. She places tape over his mouth to stifle his moans and begins to tease him all over with the tips of her fingers. She is clearly enjoying dominating her helpless victim and she soon begins to concentrate on his rapidly stiffening cock.

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